Calehan’s Fast food in Belmopan, Belize

I landed in Belize City, slapped by the warmth and humidity of the Caribbean, a welcome wake up after an over-air conditioned flight. While shuffling through customs, my stomach started to sing the tune of hunger, reminding me I had only an empanada that day.

With a mission team of 16, we packed everything up and bump along the Belizean roads to Belmopan, the capital, to load up on meat pies and supplies in Spanish Lookout before going south to our final destinations of Punta Gorda and Jalacte.



White Peaches

My father loved white peaches. We were year round pie people but in summer, particularly August, peaches held center stage. Thick yellow wedges bubbling through rick-rack lattice made an appearance most Sunday evenings. White peaches however, were to be eaten out of hand, their quiet sweetness dripping from chin to fingertips.

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Wayne County Fair: Apple Jacks

“Apple jacks! Come get your apple jacks!” hollers the fryer to a growing line of fairgoers. If there is one food that rings true to a county fair in the boondocks of Eastern North Carolina, it’s the apple jack.Read More

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