The World In A Pocket

Dumpling. Empanada. Kolache. Pierogi. Spanakopita. Mandu. Gyoza. Hot Pocket. Pop Tart. All over the world, people love food-inside-of-food. Pocket foods bring comfort and memories that speak to a culture’s identity. And, they’re damn delicious. Through visual storytelling, conversations with pocket-makers and well-tested recipes, The World in a Pocket is devoted to shining a light on culture, stories of immigration, sustainability, tradition, innovation, and words from the people who make our world so delicious, through the lens of a pocket. We hope to grow a community passionate about the tales behind the world’s most beloved comfort foods and the techniques to make them at home.

photo by  Rick Cortez

photo by Rick Cortez


Mackenzie Smith Kelley + Lauren Vied Allen are storytellers at heart and pocket food lovers in the gut. They both come from highly visual backgrounds, focusing on narrative-driven food + portrait photography and videography.  

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The World In A Pocket is devoted to exploring the world through the lens of a dumpling. From mandu to empanadas, spanakopita to gyoza, pierogis to pop tarts, this is our love letter to pockets worldwide and the stories they tell.

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