Turcos in Corpus Christi, TX

It wasn’t until a few years ago that I truly came to appreciate turcos, the tiny turnovers my grandma labors over every holiday season stuffed with thrice-cooked pork, raisins, and nuts. As cinnamon and anise waft through that sweltering South Texas kitchen, my mom, her sisters and cousin still try to sneak a fresh turc (as they lovingly call these pockets) straight off the sheet pan. “Only eat the ugly ones!” my grandma always yells. See, she stashes all of her perfectly roped empanadas for the big parties, a far cry from how they were originally eaten.



Vareniki with QKatie

Katie Quinn is a jet-setting video journalist currently based in London, but we knew her first as the author of Short Stack Edition’s 25th Volume, “Avocados.” After watching her travel around the world to interview and cook with chefs, bloggers and friends, we know her now as the quirkiest storyteller on Youtube

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Wayne County Fair: Apple Jacks

“Apple jacks! Come get your apple jacks!” hollers the fryer to a growing line of fairgoers. If there is one food that rings true to a county fair in the boondocks of Eastern North Carolina, it’s the apple jack.


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