Vareniki with qkatie

Katie Quinn is a jet-setting video journalist currently based in London, but we knew her first as the author of Short Stack Edition’s 25th Volume, “Avocados.” After watching her travel around the world to interview and cook with chefs, bloggers and friends, we know her now as the quirkiest storyteller on Youtube. Her talent knows no ends. She’s a trained chef, terrific in front of the camera, and eager to share what she learns.She shoots, edits and publishes her own work and she’s crazy good at it.





The World In A Pocket is devoted to exploring the visual world of pocket foods, you know, food-inside-of-food, from the stories to the recipes, origins to modern-day adaptations. From dumplings to empanadas, spanakopita to gyoza, or pierogis to pop tarts, this is our love letter to pockets worldwide + the stories they tell.

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